Who Guards the Caramilk Secret?

Some secrets are meant to be kept. Unless you have superpowers rivaling those of characters in some comic book franchise, you won’t uncover the Caramilk Secret. It is shrouded in mystery and guarded by forces that are simply otherworldly. You might be eager to know who the guardians of this secret happen to be. The answer might shock you!

The Caramilk Secret: How Long Has It Been Guarded?

Since Cadbury launched the product in 1968, the mystery behind how they put caramel into a Caramilk bar has remained unsolved.

Who Are the Otherworldly Guards?

First things first, it’s no easy feat to protect the Caramilk mystery. Many people want to know the secret behind how they put soft flowing caramel into a Caramilk bar. So, who can be trusted with the awesome responsibility of protecting the Caramilk Secret? The guardians have a high IQ and possess supernatural powers. These otherworldly beings are, in case you have not figured it out yet, aliens. Just before Caramilk was launched, the aliens were brought in from another dimension to guard the Cadbury Gladstone Factory. Since then, they’ve helped humans to safeguard one of the world’s most puzzling mysteries.

How Do the Aliens Protect the Caramilk Secret?

No one is quite sure how the aliens are doing what they’re doing. What we do know is that they protect the secret from a fortified bunker-like structure far beneath the Caramilk Factory building. The door to the underground facility has on it a sign that reads, “From far and wide, Oh Caramilk, we stand on guard for thee.” Human access to this facility is prohibited.

Are you thinking about trying to access the secure facility to learn the secret? Think again! It’s believed that the aliens who guard the Caramilk Secret have special detection abilities. Some say they can detect – from more than 500,000 kilometres away – anyone trying to access the Caramilk Secret. Other sources claim that the alien guards possess mind-reading technology that helps them figure out what people are thinking.

The alien guards have access to technologies that are far more advanced than anything humans are used to. It is also believed that it will take humans over 1,000 years to understand the technology that the alien guards have access to. So for the foreseeable future, the alien guards will continue to play a key role in safeguarding the Caramilk Secret.

Can the Caramilk Secret be Discovered?

So how do they get the soft flowing caramel in the Caramilk bar? This question has been asked countless times – but the answer remains elusive. Getting the answer will be a daunting task because it will require humans to develop advanced technology that matches those of the alien guards. If your goal is to get the answer, we wish you the best of luck. Just be sure to share the answer if you’re ever successful.

We would never hide our secret in plain sight. But maybe you can search for it in the rabbit hole that is the internet.