If the Caramilk Bar Could Talk, Would It Reveal Its Secret?


How badly do you want to find out the Caramilk Secret? Perhaps, you belong to those who’ll give almost anything to get the answer. The good news is that your wait may soon be over. We’re going to have a Q&A with the Caramilk Bar itself! If you pay close attention, you might learn how they put soft flowing caramel into a Caramilk bar. Let’s begin!

Confectionary Gazette: It’s a pleasure to speak with you, Caramilk Bar! How are you doing?

Caramilk: The pleasure is all mine! I’m doing great, actually, and I appreciate the chance to answer questions that are of interest to my fans in Canada and around the world.

CG: Are you saying you’re finally ready to disclose the Caramilk Secret?

C: I appreciate the interest in this well-kept secret, but let’s not rush things. There’s a time and a place for everything. The answer to the Cadbury Caramilk Secret is worth waiting for! We’ll save the best for last!

CG: Okay, we won’t rush things! What do you think is behind your popularity?

C: I was created to bring back wonder to the world, particularly in an age where everything feels too exposed and nothing is left to the imagination. Whether my adoring fans are happy, sad, or indifferent, I try to lift their spirits and bring inspiration with my delicious soft flowing caramel inside.  

CG: There’s a lot of interest in your beginnings. When were you born?

C: I was first produced more than fifty years ago. Since then my producers have been taking excellent care of me ensuring that I remain forever scrumptious.

CG: What exactly is Cadbury?

C: The short answer is that Cadbury is a confectionery brand producing me. The brand was founded by John Cadbury in Birmingham, England. Its history dates back to 1824 when John Cadbury opened a grocery store. Later in 1831, he started a manufacturing business that grew considerably over time.  I’m very proud of the brand’s history and tradition.

CG: How would you describe your fashion sense? Do you wear anything other than your signature outfit?

C: While I’m not all that fussy about fashion, I do have a few signature pieces. I sometimes appear as a 50-gram bar, and I occasionally appear as a 100-gram bar. I also have a specific winter coat. Just look for the 120-gram or 200-gram Caramilk Minis Bags in your nearby store. The good people at the Caramilk Factory ensure that my fans enjoy me no matter what I’m wearing.

CG: Okay, this is the question that people need an answer. How do you get the caramel inside you?

C: How do they get the soft flowing caramel in the Caramilk bar? You might be surprised how much I get asked that very question – sometimes in those exact words. Everyone wants to know the Caramilk Secret! I get it. This secret has remained just that despite tireless efforts to figure it out. Unfortunately, I’m unable to give you or anyone else the answer, and there’s a reason for this that might surprise you. When I was first created at the Cadbury Caramilk Factory, a fairy cast a spell on me. Based on her magic spell, neither myself nor anyone else can reveal the Caramilk Secret, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Since then, no efforts have been spared to ensure the Caramilk Secret stays secret. Unless the fairy relents and breaks her spell, the secret will never be revealed.

CG: We appreciate your taking the time to talk to us today! We trust our paths will cross again at some point. Best wishes Caramilk!

C: You’re very welcome. I appreciate the opportunity to do this interview and to share some sweet knowledge my fans!

So there you have it! We were unsuccessful in our attempt to learn the Caramilk Secret, but this won’t stop us from enjoying the incredible treat! Bon Appetit!